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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I just want to say, I love you Paula Abdul, I do but what was this, "every bone in your body is original." Did you mean, "you don't have an original bone in your body" however, on this one, I will defer to the MENSA member, Ms. Abdul.

Fuck it, let's just start a Abdul Tally of quotes that make no damn sense:

"You broke the record for magnificent." Re: Mandisa

"You're a charm and the way you command the stage is what you're magic." Re: Becky "I'm a reality tv star whore" O'Donahoe

"My heart goes off, you're my idol." Re: Paris "the bee popping, none-pit shaving, eye buldging, denny" Bennett

Does Brenna have FAS? She looks like and she sounds like it too.


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