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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Patrick's friends....why is one a collegaen injected geriatric?

"The Paula Poodle Pound." 'nuff said

OMG, Sway is terrible and his parents are ignant cause they birthed him. OMG, did Randy like that? ew. I thought it was terrible. thank le god for le simon. omg, i was about to comment on his girlfriend, aka twin, but then it was his MOTHER.

um, scottie sevens looks like a zombie slash one of those evil twins from the shinning, she is just standing in the "Paula Poodle Pound" bearly moving and maybe casting spells.

Can we be real for a second here, tiny baby 16 year old Kevin, has a physcial LISP.

I want to thank Gedeon, because until today, when he mimed every lyric, I had no idea what the song, "Shout," was about.

Bobby looked like a minister, a big fat fat fat minister. At least he didn't sing a gay song.

The way Ace starred into the camera at the end, made me sterile. i smell a lawsuit. also, pick a song that doesn't put a giant, "FLAMER", label on you. By the way, remember when that fat minister sang that non-gay song?

I still can't get over how fucking gay that goddamn Copa Cavana song is. In fact, I just learned that the composer wrote those lyrics as he was getting fucked in the ass.


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