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Monday, February 27, 2006

GREY'S ANATOMY - The Complete First Season

I had the good luck to find Grey's Anatomy: The Complete First Season, on sale at Virgin this weekend. For a measely $19, I took home this little gem and sat down to see what all the hype was. Can I just tell you, I truly adore this show, and cannot cannot get enough of it. Here are some thoughts in no particular order.

Izzie - Dr. Isobel Stevens | Dr. Model
First off, Izzie is delightful, she loves those damn patients so much, i mean its borderline doctor-patient-cest, but still lovely.
Does anyone else recognize Katherine Heigl from somewhere, but can't quite place her?
Well that's probably because she is in fact that SAUCEY SAUCEY Nicole from borderline-incest-flick, "My Father the Hero," avec le irrepressible Gerard Depardieu.
Let's be real, she was sexy at 16, just admit it.

Meredith - Dr. Meredith Grey | Dr. Bag o Bones
Alright, where to begin with the old Grey dog...first off, Pompeo, please gain 20 lbs, so I can actually look at you.
Secondly, the voice overs full of wisdom via quirky anecdotes or dumb puns, lose them, please.

Christina - Dr. Christina Yang | Yang-Banger
Yang-banger, is a cold blooded biatch. Pure and simple, this Yang would tear your throat out to watch you bleed.
I do not understand the chemistry with her and Burke. No, I do not.

Karev - Dr. Alex Karev | Dr. DBag
This guy is so frat-tastic what's not to love? right? think again, this f-got, was actually on Another World. Can you believe that? Who is the badass now?

I like that I've completely lost the distinction between Actor and Character in this posting...bravo, actors of Grey's Anatomy, you have swept me into your craft so well, I cannot seperate fiction from your actual personas.


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