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Sunday, February 19, 2006

THE L WORD: Episode "Lifeline" | 2.5.06

Shane and Carmen:
Um, is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that the next time Shane fucks someone else, she will be punished by Carmen, by perhaps a pie in the face or a whoopi cushion on her seat? Like, what the fuck. Shane cheats on you, so you #1 spray her with a fire extinguisher and #2 THROW PIZZA at her? are you a clown?

Did anyone else notice that Shane must have been packing since all of a sudden she left the party and started fucking Cherie with a fake weiner? Either she was packing or she made a quick stop at home to strap it on. Weird.

Also, speaking of fake wienies. WHY DID MOIRA/MAN LET ALAN CUMMING SUCK OFF HER FAKE WEINER? For starters, who gets pleasure out of that? Why not just fuck Alan in the ass? I don't get it. Second and more importantly, Jenny is enough of a sick pig to totally suck Moira/Man's fake weiner. Like, she wouldn't even question it. Moira would be like, "Suck my fakie" and Jenny would be like, "ok."

I think my single friend said it best on Valentines day when she said, "Ew. What is wrong with the world when Pam Grier can have sex and I can't?" It's true. This fat pigfuck should not have sex ever...and I'm just talking about the ACTUAL Pam Grier...Kit is a whole other story... I'm one sick sex scene with her away from swearing off all of Blaxploitation.


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