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Sunday, February 19, 2006


First off, why is Anne Rice, I mean Eve Ensler even in this ep. Did I miss something, is she an actress all the sudden? Cause I thought she just wrote about vaginas. Btw, one of my friends went to seminar with her and she had the BIGGEST CAMEL TOE (i just wrote camel town, instead of camel toe, which was not bad) in the world...I mean I know she loves the vag-ine but come on? do you need to show it off like that?

WHOA...DOCTA...are you docta? cause i think we need one to check out Billy's weiner or lack there it billy or is it williemina? And why does moira/man keep making out with it? Slash putting her fake wiener inside of it? and if you are getting fucked by a fake weiner, is a CONDOM REALLY NECESSARY? just think about it, trannies, think about it.

Is it me, or does Alice harbor a deep hatred for Bette? I mean, whats wrong wtih reminicing about a little finger fuck whilst listening to an aria? nothing really.

OMG....the B52s are OLD. like really old. older than Pam Grier OLD...that is OLD.

Did anyone else notice that Martha Washington had a cameo this week....oh wait that was just Lara's new hairdo. not bad.

i'm just going to say it, those 2 peakcock bird-esque neck tats are dumb.

speaking of peacocks...helen's new love interest is SUCH a way that thing is in point:
#1 its name is DYLAN
#2 it dresses like a BOY
#3 man hair cut

Dana! You have cancer, you aren't DYING. oh wait.

The search for the cardboard cutout was dumb. that is all i have to say about that.

I must say that Jenny is so fucking annoying but the acting work in that scene with Eve "CT" Ensler was just amazing. Watch it again if you must. It is genius ("I don't like that word").

Bring the Vampire back!!! She was cool and made no sense. I miss her.

ew. tina is sickening and anything that would fuck her deserves blue balls.

Previews for Next Week: MANGUS WHAT ARE YOU DOING!????


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