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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Sayid-centric episode. Kate's nonbiological father makes an appearance. Rousseau nabs a possible Other who Sayid then tortures against the will of Jack and with the help of Locke. Numbers run down to zero and something weird happens but it seems like Locke beat the clock.

Did anyone else picture this scene?

SAYID: What are you doing here?
ROUSSEAU: I was looking for you.
ROUSSEAU: Because I got a new haircut. Do you like it?

Do it with the accents, it is funnier. Too bad I don't write for the show. But seriously, Rousseau got a makeover.

Did anyone else think it was sick when Hurley was eating that ranch dressing? Was he dipping an orange into it? Puke.

Just a little sidebar here for a second. I went searching for spoilers/inside info on the episode but I'm obviously looking at the wrong sites because all I found were people saying, "OMG, didn't that picture that the soldier was holding look an awful lot like Kate?" or "RIP Mr. Tree Frog." Idiots. However, the coup de gras came after the freaks posted multiple messages asking if anyone knew hieroglyphics so they could decode those images that appeared when the counter reached zero. This brings us to our next idiot who said: "I do know hieroglyphics quite well but I didn't get a good look at the symbols because my cat was in the way." Kudos, catman.


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