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Sunday, February 19, 2006


New reality show where Lisa Loeb of "Stay" fame moves back to New York basically to find a husband. The show documents her struggles to get back in the dating game and find a good man. The following is commentary on the first three episodes.

Note to Viewers: If anyone on "Number 1 Single" had read "He's Just Not That Into You," there would be no show to speak of. Keep that in mind.

Let me just say that I started watching this little gem on a complete was cold out and there was a marathon on...but I have to concur that Lisa Loeb is simply delightful and the show has a terrific cast of characters:

Debbie Loeb: Sister. Pure unadulterated trash, i mean a whore really, but god bless her.

Stephanie: Friend. Frankly I could do without the god-awful streaks in her hair but she does seem quite loyal, albeit misguided, and up for just about anything.

Illeana Douglas: Friend. Illeana is really the stand-out here, a real provider of sound advice unlike those other two monkeys.

Sidebar: Guido-terrible-date-guy who took la Loeb to Blue Water Grill was def that terrible d-bag from "Born Rich," right? Ew. He seriously made me varf.

Two Fun Facts:
1) Lisa Loeb is in fact a whopping 37 years old, just in case you missed it.
2) That idiot author, Allen, bears an uncanney resemblence to my Uncle Paul who also at the ripe age of 37 lived in my unfinished basement in a pitched tent before my father kicked him out for peeing in a Coke can only to have my sister drink said piss thinking it was in fact a delicious Coke.
3) Ok, 2 fun facts and a question: That guy Loeb met at the leashes and lovers party was gay right?


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