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Sunday, February 19, 2006


In the wake of the revelation that Kristy and Lloyd in fact broke up Lloyd's marriage to his pregnant wife, let's take a look back here. First of all, let me say that initially I was disappointed that this show was all pre-recorded and there wasn't any audience voting or live shows. However, little did I realize how joyful it could be if one of these slimeballs had actually started hooking up and broke up a marriage. Now we can look back at the incestual sickness that is Kristy and Lloyd. As if their flirtatious faggotry wasn't enough to make me smile, then Kristy had to comment on their relationship (which is now a confirmed "deep love and mutual admiration): "Lloyd is like an older brother; he's always razzing me." Its too easy Swansy, too easy. Usually post-fame chubbiness and old whorish looks are enough retribution for me but no, Kristy has to go beyond. Must we merely wonder if she is really the whore she looks? No, we have proof now.

Congrats Kristy for ruining a perfectly nice Canadian family with your hotshot D-list are truly a minx. Brava.


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