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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Normally, I don't wander into the high hundreds up to the LOGO Channel, only because in general, they only play really old cheesey gay flicks (if they up-ed their original content and played new GOOD gay movies, I'd be all over it), however there is one GEM of a show on LOGO, Transgeneration. Whoa, it is amazing.

Let's start with the glorious cast of trannys, pardon me, transgender people:

RACI - "The Lovable Def Tran-Woman"
Where to begin with Raci...first off, she is def, which makes her even more lovable, as she tries to communicate with people...
RACI: My education is my superiority
and no one can forget how she pronounces uncomfortable
God bless you Raci. Another great aspect of Raci is her HUGE GIGANTOR friend, Apple. Apple, you couldn't look more manly, unless you actually grew a beard, but short of that, seriously honey, you're HUGE, just be a gay man, ok? The whole tran-woman thing is NOT working for you.

LUCAS - "The Stoner Nerd Tran-Man"
A few things have always baffled me about Lucas and his tran-man cohort, Kasey. Is there a tran-man rule that you have to be a big fat boy? Why can't you be a fit, hot boy? I don't get it. Can someone explain that to me?
Lucas you are a doll, albeit a fat one, but I'm DYING to know what happened to you in Boston that you alluded to on your "after the show" video...what did happen in Boston? Tran-man drama!

TJ - "Tiny Baby Tran-Man"
Truly, TJ had the largest obstacles of all these tran-men and women, with about zero support from his family. However, TJ also seemed the most real and the most put together tranny in the bunch.
Just a few things about TJ, that I'm left wondering about...
#1 Stacy...can we discuss? this thing was HUGE, she towered over you TJ, and was a bit of a pig. I'm exstatic that you broke up.
#2 Jordan...TJ, you totally poured your heart out to this man (or was he a tran-man?) about your culture and your mom being unaccepting of your tran-man status and got NOTHING back, except for, "Just keep an even keel." what? that doesn't even make sense.
#3 LOVE LOVE LOVE when you use an eye brow pencil to draw on a goatee and stash. LOVE IT. keep up the good works.
#4 Did you ever go back to being Tamar? I'm dying to know, someone find out and tell me now.

Well, last and certainly not least is, the piggee of the bunch...

GABBIE - "Possibly the Worst Transsexual I Know"
Gabbie. All I can say is YOU are a TERRIBLE person and the WORST tranny I know. Allow me to ennumerate:
#1 For starters, you are just socially awkward. I really don't think it has anything to do with your transition, but rather your case of asberger's syndrome.
Par Example: Remember that ep where you went around patting girls who were your friends on the head? Yeah, and you're giant bully-friend said, "Gabbie just doesn't know how to deal with girls yet,"? well, that is not true, cause in the final ep, you were still patting girls on the head like an awkward freak.
#2 Your family, your poor poor family. They have been SO supportive, they fucking PAID for your surgery and what do you do?
- You AWKWARDLY hug them
- You ONLY talk about "getting a new vagina," and "being a woman finally."
- Ignore all of them, remember when your v. sweet sisters SAID on CAMERA, "Yeah, I don't think Gabbie knows about anything that we've done all year."
- Oh, how about your tranny friend, Cate, who granted was a juggling freak, but you completely ditched her when she had her orchiectomy and she had to go alone cause you were CLEARLY JEALOUS AND A TOTAL BABY?
Yeah, you are pretty terrible. Like an awful, selfish, unappreciative bitch. I guess you finally are a woman. A terrible bitch woman, but a woman none the less.


Anonymous said...

Yeah my heart really went out to Cate.I so wished I or somebody could have been there for her.

11:00 PM, August 05, 2006


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