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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Biggest Mystery of Lost To Date: No, not the numbers, the real mystery is as follows: WHY THE FUCK DO THESE FREAK-PEOPLE STILL SLEEP ON THE BEACH WHEN THEY FUCKING FOUND A HATCH CONTAINING A MODERN FUCKING HOUSE? with couches. and pillows. I'm sorry but if I'm stranded on a goddamn island and I happen across the one thing in the world I want more than anything, a fucking bed, I'm going to go ahead and do something unheard of: SLEEP IN IT. These people are idiots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please discuss - when is Lost going to start getting a little HOT...if you know what I mean? I think that the problem the producers are grappeling with is this: It is already so far fetched that the little Lost folks have like a never ending supply of antibiotics...the producers can't also throw some condoms up in there. Like Hurley - while stuffing himself with spoiled ranch dressing - can't just happen upon a stack of Magunms...right?? But then...if there are no rubbers...they can't just have all these people having unprotected sex because then mom and pop will be ALL OVER THEM, right? What I think is that they're all going to have to resort to oral and THAT will be way hot.

3:57 PM, March 09, 2006


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