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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


This is just a place to ask the questions no one else wants to ask (answers are welcome but these are brain-stumpers so good luck)

The Gauntlet II
Why is the Port Authority in beautiful Trinidad and Tobego so nice when the Port Authority in New York is a revolting VD-ridden Mecca for the impoverished and transexually liberated?

Again, why don’t these numbnuts sleep inside the fucking hatch instead of on the sand mite-infested and vulnerable-to-attack beach?

Project Runway
Why is the Klumer so damn charming?

For Dummies Books
Why on earth would I buy your book "Sex for Dummies" when you also make a book called "Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies?" I guess “Oxymorons for Dummies” came out after. Another good question for the makers of these books: do you think these idiots can read?


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