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Monday, March 27, 2006


Caught a mini-marathon of "Little People, Big World" this weekend, and it was god damn HYPNOTIC...seriously, you cannot stop watching these big and little peoples, its amazing. However, there were a few things that were bothersome about the Roloffs.

#1 Clean your fucking house. I’m sure there is some LP maid looking for work and you are depriving her just like you’ve been deprived of a normal existence. I’m sick of the filth-pit they live in. Maybe you're kids wouldn't have been born LPs if you didn't live in shit, did you ever think of that?

#2 Why is Matt a total DEADBEAT dad? He is a terrible father. Can you fucking talk to your kids at all? That was so sad when your wee little son, Zach, phsyically said to the camera that you went to lunch and talked on your phone the whole time and then complained when he wanted your advice. Ugh, you stink. Also, like can you just STOP complaining about soccer, like your a father and you're supposed to actually SUPPORT your CHILDREN and WIFE in their endeavors, even if they are "boring to you." fucking jerk...
Also, why'd Matt waste so much money making their farm into a weird fairy Neverland on crack? That is just stupid...Also, all of his "projects" that he likes to do, he doesn't even do himself, he just makes his 15 year old normal sized kid and his 70+ normal sized father do all the just because you're an LP doesn't mean you can be lazy. Matt, pick up your crutches and fucking pitch in....

#3 Hey Amy, if the fucking farm activities are too loud, GO INSIDE THE HOUSE TO WORK...its not that hard.

#4Jeremy, you are truly an idiot and a jerk. have some compassion for the LPs you dick.

#5 Zach, you are a dream. Truly. I'm sorry about the drivers test. That was rough.

#6 Molly and Jacob, you guys seem great. keep up the good work


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the twin boys sleep directly on their mattresses without sheets? Their house is filthy! They seem like an okay family otherwise--especially for all the things they've had to endure. They both get their kids too involved in their marital spats, though.

12:01 AM, April 05, 2006


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