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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

THERE & BACK - March 6, 2006

How kickass was it when Ashley "dared" Tiffany to marry him? Seriously, like I had gained an once of respect for him when he set up that v. cute proposal, but now he is back to his old antics...I mean what's next, "Tiff, I dare you to raise our child's one from me to you ash, "I dare you to get a job," yeah, a REAL ONE.

Loved that the Tiff couldn't go through with it, and don't worry honey, no one is going to blow your, "I want Lyric to be here," took you WAY to long to think that one up...way too long. I don't blame you though, I don't want to marry an idiot deadbeat dad either.

***TUNE IN ALERT*** Ash will be competing in the Kelly Skater Surf competition sometime this month on MTV...that is going to be amazing. can this idiot swim?


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