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Thursday, April 13, 2006

ANTM - Wednesday April 13, 2006

Can you believe that the Brittenum twins from Idol have bounced back so quickly? I mean I knew they could sing but I had no idea that they could "swirl" and "twirl". They really are reality show whores though, aren't they?

JADE: Her hair is looking worse and worse by the minute. When she was crumping she looked about 10 times more ridiculous than those midget crumpers who were dressed like CLOWNS. I almost puked when she won the Church fashion show, which was retarded, but then eralized it was only because her ugly yellow puff was under wraps. I mean all she did was SPIN down the runway, that was not GOOD, it was fucking god awful

Finally someone, other than her boyfriend of course, saw that Nnenna really is a bit evil. It was a bit ridiuclous that she felt soooo bad for calling her a "fucking bitch" though, like it's not the end of the world, Nnenna is a fucking bitch. How stupid was it when Brooke is yelling at Nnenna about the phone and goes, "You're a chemist. You should understand how phones work!!" Well played.

NNENNA: Speaking of our favorite African hilarious was it when she tried to do that slow spin on the runway and she completely choked? Ah, that was glorious. She is getting way bitchier too. It's great.

FURONDA: This preying mantis is so ugly, not too mention way to skinny, how does she continue to stay in the competition? She is sickness incarnate. Also, how many times can the judges tell you, "your right arm is paralyzed when you walk", until you FINALLY start moving that dumb ARM. ugh.

JOANIE: Joanie is delightful in every way. She was ROBBED of the church fashion show, robbed. That little snaggle-toothed monster could have used 25 grand to fix those chops. Speaking of which, I cannot watch next week's show, because if they seriously show Joanie having her snaggle ripped out, I WILL vomit. Also, they are calling the espisode, "The one with the girl who has surgery" or something retarded, like getting some extra snaggle teeth removed is not the same as getting a boob job.

DANIELLE: Danielle is also a damn dream. I love her. How cute was she when Jay asked her if she could dance and she was like, "Everybody at home calls me white girl." She is terrific though, even with that little tooth gap. I also quite enjoyed that she doned a v. preppy little outfit during the eliminations. Not bad.

SARA: Ugh. You big bean pole. You're boring me with your long retarded legs and Scarlett Johanson face. Ugh. Just quit.

LESLIE: Oh, sweet sweet Leslie. I can't say anything bad about you. You had a great personality and took nice pictures....however, you were the worst walker on the face of the earth. Yeah, actually, that was pathetic. You were terrible.

T-BAGS: I have to admit, usually when you are esposing your modeling tips (making the same "Fierce Face", stomping around like a damn idiot), I think, "wow, this idiot is a super model, that is scary", however, you sort of impressed me last night when you did that full slow spin on the catwalk. That was pretty decent. My only question is, when on earth is that ever used at a fashion show? You really wouldn't. Still cool though.


Anonymous Francine said...

LOL reall funny.. you forgot to mention the fact that Leslie walks like a damn Primate LMAO!!!!

10:02 AM, April 13, 2006

Anonymous jacobsjenks said...

how about the part when t-bag sort of implied to leslie, "yeah, when you stand up you suck in your neck and give yourself a double chin."

4:30 PM, April 15, 2006


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