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Friday, April 28, 2006


Just when we thought things could NOT get any worse on "The L Word":

Dana's dead, Shane leaves Carmen at the alter, Helena is broke, Tina is with a guy, Bette kidnapped her "own" kid, Kitt is still alive, Jenny is still avec le Tranny, and Alice is fucking Laura...

.... Season 4 rears it ugly head and fucks this show into the ground even harder.

Guess who Bette's love interest is going to be? Marlee Matlin. Yup, Marlee Matlin. That fucking deafie from "Children of a Lesser God" and "Hear No Evil." I mean, I do NOT have anything against deaf people, god bless them, and Marlee is a fantastic Oscar winning actress, but Marlee Matlin is fucking 40 and NOT CUTE AT ALL ... like why can't Bette catch a fucking break? Make her life harder, please. Not only is she bi-racial, a recent orphan, dumped, gay, fighting for custody for "her" kid, but now she has to date a deaf person. She doesn't even know sign language! Jesus Christ.

Look at this thing!

This has Betty written all over it. Well, Betty, I am going to give you your first lesson in sign language ...

This ....

... means "Fuck You."


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