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Friday, April 07, 2006

THE OC – Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Basically a ton of shit happened in tonight’s episode that makes no sense. I just didn’t buy it (even though I do realize somewhere deep down that these characters are not real.) But, I’m not asking for real, I’m asking for simple time-tested character consistency.

Seth and Lying: Ok, I could take Seth lying about not going to his Brown interview. It was kind of sweet that he couldn’t face Summer and thought it would be easier just to lie. I mean, yes, he’d eventually have to explain it but by that time he could have made something else up or rescheduled the interview and Summer never would have known. However, to lie not only to your girlfriend but also to your parents about getting into Brown University makes NO sense. First of all, those idiots are going to find out like immediately. Why don’t you just lie to someone’s face about having a second nose on your face? (Also, just speaking from personal experience, Brown University only does Alumni "informational" interviews, so they don't even count...take that Josh Schwartz)

Secondly, are we to believe that Sandy and Kirsten wouldn’t have wanted to see the acceptance letter? And thirdly, why does Dr. Roberts root around in the trash? That last part was less about Seth and lying and more about why in the world a doctor would root around in his own rubbish. I wish that Marissa had been so depressed after receiving her ACCEPTANCE letter that she threw her own self in the trash and then Dr. Roberts could say to Julie, while she sips a mint julep, “Julie, it is time to be real. You need to talk to Marissa. I found this in the trash.” And then he pulls out Marissa from his lap and sits her on the table and she looks all coked out and terrible. Then they keep talking about her as if she isn’t there. Ok, enough about that. Back to the issue at hand, are we really supposed to believe this Seth-lying-about-getting-into-Brown garbage? Next week Seth tells everyone he is a black man.

The Break-Ups: Did Seth and Summer break up? Cause that was the dumbest break-up in history. I don’t even know what they were really talking about or who broke up with who. Was it just for redundancy’s sake that Summer said “its over” or did she actually break up with him. I’m confused and apathetic to the whole stupid situation (see “Seth and Lying” above). Too bad that Sadie had to break up with Ryan but oh well. The worst inconsistency with this whole thing was not these two idiots acting like they were married but the writers of The OC expecting me to believe that Sadie makes jewelry for a living. Oh but throwing in that stupid stand and having her say “I just finished working” added all the credibility in the world.

The College Sweat Shirt Beach Party: Are we supposed to believe that these idiots all magically obtained sweatshirts from the schools they supposedly got into like 3 days ago? So dumb. Note: Ryan looked gay in that hoodless, 80s sweatshirt from Berkeley.

Speaking of gay, did anyone notice Volchek use the term “gay” in the same sense we all did in about 4th grade (and who am I kidding, today too)? He said that the sweatshirt party sounded “gay.” I could hear like fifty million homos across the nation gasp. Yes, he said it and I applaud the writers for having him do so. Gays need to understand that shit can be gay without making anal sex with an LP (that can stand for either “Life Partner” or male “Little Person” depending on your preferences). See? I don’t discriminate.


Blogger Libby said...

your post about the OC made me crack up- i agreed with everything you said.

except that i'm really fucking glad ryan and sadie broke up, I really just didn't like them together. Sadie was a really underdeveloped character in my opinion and the show will be better off without her.

aaaand after an episode like that, the writers sit around and wonder why their ratings have dropped- they have, like, half as many viewers had in their first season, because they keep coming up with retarded eps like this one.

5:24 PM, April 07, 2006

Blogger FlipKicks said...

Libs, come on, you think Sadie was underdeveloped? Did you not see the scene where she was making the jewelry on that stand? I felt for her - it is hard to be a struggling jewelry maker.

This ep sucked but let's be real, as long as they keep making episodes of The OC, we are going to watch them. I can tell that we are on the same page as far as that goes.

Don't worry, doesn't mean we can't make fun of it.

2:45 PM, April 09, 2006

Anonymous Katie (daughter of deafy) said...

Ok i agree with everything you've said so far however I've been pondering a few things. For once will there ever be a season where Marissa doesn't redevelop a drug or alcohol problem and two and this is just a thought but will Marissa and Ryan ever date and actually speak to eachother. Just wondering how a couple could continue dating season after season yet never say more then 1 word to eachother each episode but again just a thought. And thirdly when in the world did Ryan get a personality? While I do love him I have never up until these past few episodes seen that old windbag smile. And I for one didn't like it. Bring back that loser who got in fights everyday. And to the writers of the show could you make it any more obvious that all of them will end up going to Burkley? I hate you. Ok I dont but whatevs thats all.

7:36 PM, April 09, 2006


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