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Monday, May 08, 2006

SURREAL LIFE - Sunday May 7th, 2006

Even dressed like a tramp,
this little lady knows exactly what to say

All in all, Flo’s Final Word was pretty uneventful. Everyone pretty much agreed with her or respected what she had to say which kinda stunk. I wanted them to argue with her. Most of what she said was dead on except for her saying ANYTHING bad about Sherman.

How gay is it though when she would like start by saying, "I want you to accept what I say with Love and Kindness." If someone said that to me, I would puke and then kill them and myself. And those charm necklaces were retarded ... accept for Andrea's which was an A, which in case you are dumb, retarded, hate Demi Moore or never took freshman english, is in fact THE Scarlet Letter. Very feisty Flo – I like your style.

Andrea is fucking annoying though. Like, Flo is right, you are a whore. You are. It's that simple. Everyone agreed to it too. You are not like doing rocket science ... you are doing everything short of fucking people for money ... and let's be real, that is soooo on your horizon.


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