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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


That's right our favorite little "Full House" recovering Meth addict ACTUALLY got a JOB!

Way to go Jodi Sweetin! Oh, wait, I didn't tell you what her job was ... its the host of, "Pants-Off-Dance-Off" on Fuse ... that's right PANTS - OFF ... DANCE - OFF. Where people dance and take their clothes off ... and yes, it's on FUSE ... What's fuse you say? Oh its this terrible rip-off of MTV that has been around for a few years but just hasn't quite "taken off" yet.

There can only be one explanation for all of this, Jodi is BACK on the crystal meth. It's sad realy. I wish one Kimmy Gibbler or one of the Olsen Twins would step in and smack some sense into her.

"Hmm, I smell meth with a hint of dirty skank.
Oh... Jodi, I didn't see you there."


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