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Saturday, July 01, 2006



First, I find out on Friday that Aaron Spelling has died. Honestly, I'm devastated. NO ONE has touched my life than Aaron Spelling. Sure, he gave us 90210, Melrose Place, and Tori but most of all, Aaron gave us the everlasting Heather Locklear. God bless and rest in peace. Heather, live on and carry out this man's legacy whether it be through first-class shows like "LAX" or bathroom gossip like the Denise Richards-Richie Sambora-David Spade love rhombus.

Secondly, there is another little man who has shaped my life (he weighs about the same as old Aaron - God rest his soul). This little man is known to friends as Ed or sometimes Edward. We knew him as "Eddie" - the incorrigible Jack Russell Terrier from "Frasier." I hope you are with Aaron, Eddie, and I hope you are both stars on the grande stage of Heaven.

Thirdly and most importantly, WHEN DID JONATHAN BRANDIS KILL HIIMSELF AND WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME? I found out about Aaron and Eddie after a week but it has been YEARS since Jonathan Brandis killed himself and yet NO ONE TOLD ME. SO SAD. Does anyone remember "Ladybugs"??!?!? I can never watch with the same joy I used to. All my friends and I did was talk about how cute Jonathan Brandis was and how we wanted him to be our first boyfriend. I'm in shock.

Now I must go back to watching Star Jones on Larry King Live which I recorded Thursday night. We all grieve in different ways...


Yes? Al, is that you?

No, I'm not gay. I'm Death. And you're next, right after your career.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say it's not so!!! I cannot believe Jonathan Brandis is dead! This is horrifying. Do you not remember his stunning portrayal of the tortured geek/hottie in Seaquest DSV. He was Harry Potter before Harry Potter! Sadness.

2:18 PM, July 05, 2006


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